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September Events

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Spread the game

Event Time: Sep 21st 2011 to 30th Sep 2011 12:00 GMT(0 timezone)

Event Reward: 50 gift coupons

Event Detail: Share, tweet , post and spread the word of ninjawaz game to all your friends, family and etc. All you have to do is advertise! Post it on any social sites! Including a short introduction text and the link! Screenshot it and post it here! Prizes will be sent to all who post!


Ps: the post should have at least 5 likes or comments from your friends!

Rise and fall

Event Description:
There will be a selected number of moderators and players can duel them. If they can successfully win against the duel, they will be rewarded. They should provide a battle reply on the forum.

Event time: Sep 21st 2011 to 30th Sep 2011 12:00  GMT(0 timezone)

Selected to Duel:

Beat 1 mod : 10 Coupons
Beat 2 mod : 20 Coupons
Beat 3 mod : 30 Coupons
Beat 4 mod : 40 Coupons
Beat 5 mod : 50 Coupons
Beat 6 mod : 60 Coupons

Challenge Slot machine

If player challenge the slot machine reached certain times during event time will be rewarded.

Event time: Sep 21st 2011 to 30th Sep 2011 GMT 12:00(0 timezone)

Challenge times                                                 Rewards
Accumulated  times: 8~15                    Konoha Arcanum *2、10Coupons
Accumulated  times: 16~30                    Konoha Arcanum *5、30 Coupons
Accumulated  times :31 or over            Konoha Arcanum *10、50 Coupons

Konoha Arcanum:Refill 5 Movement power after use.
Warm tips:
1、  The rewards will be sent in 5 working days at the end of event.
2、 The rewards are bound .
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Favor Share

Nice. Thanks...May I also ask for some top up incentives.


we'll do recharge events soon ~


and when they do events to win gold? should think about those who do not have the opportunity to pay. gms advice for you '


we have more upcoming events just stay updated here in forums....



For the slot machine machine challenge, will be it cummulative challenges from starting event date to end date?


how can i get +27 Ninja Wishing pot


nice xD


Reply 8# Blu-Gunderson

You can get it by winning in events dear. Stay with us in the forum to know the latest events.


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