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How to trade

In order to prevent multi-accounts and money-scamming, we are always keeping improving and adjusting the trade system in Business Tycoon Online. However, we haven't made much progress. Now, multi-accounts and money-scamming still exist. Though they didn't cause any serious harm to the balance of Business Tycoon Online, they still distress our players. But too strict trade system will decrease the fun of the game. In early time, we have considered the trade manner of auto-matching, but due to dozens of reasons, we didn't adopt it. We have received a lot of suggestions on market trade from players which strengthened our confidence of making it well. Since its testing, we have been keeping on improving our games based on players' advices. Now, the improvement to current trade system has been finished. A new trade system of "Auto-Matching" has been launched.

About "Auto-Matching" (It is originally a piece of advice from ottoyt. Slightly changed)

"Auto-Matching" trade system works in a similar way as the stock market. In this system, a player needs not find a buyer or a seller. All purchase orders or selling orders are submitted to the system. The purchase orders are listed from high price to low price and the selling orders are listed from low price to high price. Also, a purchase order will match a selling order automatically and all orders get refreshed periodically. The orders without being matched can wait for next match. Thus, the ones purchasing at the highest price and selling at the lowest price will be satisfied first. This is in accordance with market discipline so money-scamming is prohibited.

For example, there are demands for food at the prices of 30TCN, 20TCN, 10TCN and 5TCN, and there are supplies of food at the prices of 40TCN, 28TCN, 19TCN and 8TCN, then the demands for food at the price of 30TCN will be first matched with supplies of food at the price of 8TCN, if the food sold at the price of 8TCN is not enough, it is the turn of food sold at the price of 19TCN and so on until the demand is satisfied. (The supply of food at the price above 30TCN is excluded). The demands for food at the second highest price start to be matched. If there is no food sold at a lower price than the purchase price, the demand is pending until the next match begins. So the demand at the highest price and supply at the lowest price will be satisfied first. In this way, money-scamming is prohibited.

Setting and Rule of Trade System:

Matching Rules:

1. Only goods of the same type will be matched. For example, demands for food will be matched with supplies of food and demands for rice will be matched with supplies of rice.
2. Demands at the highest price are prior to be satisfied. The demands are matched from the highest purchase price and the supplies get matched from the lowest selling price.
3. When the purchase price is lower the selling price, the matching stops. The orders left after this matching can wait for next matching.
4. Demands or supplies at the same price will get matched according to the time the orders are published.
5. If the demand is for 50 pieces and the supply is 100 pieces, then the demand of 50 pieces get matched with half of the supply and the other half of the supply left waits for next matching.
6. Matching cannot be carried out if there are less than 10 orders (both purchase and selling are included).

7. Your wealth has to remain above 50,000TCN after you posting a purchase order.

Matching Time:

1. Match cycle extends from a few minutes to ten minutes randomly.
2. Every completion of one match triggers the beginning time of next match.
3. Business stops at 24:00-09:00. During this period, no match happens.
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