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Guide—Specialties--Convoy Upgrade

You could upgrade your convoy cars to enhance their attributes. The highest Lv. is Lv. 100. To upgrade them, you must meet the requirements as below:

1. The level of main car is 60 or above. Besides, the level of convoy cars is not higher than that of main car;
2. To upgrade the convoy cars, specific amount of Convoy Exp. are needed for different level.


You can use the Convoy Experiment Ticket to increase the Convoy Exp. The ways to get the ticket are as follow:
1. You could purchase it in mall;
2. You can challenge Lv. 20 maps or above in CC race to get the Convoy Exp. tickets.

There is limited number of chances to use the Convoy Exp. Ticket in a day. The number depends on the Level of the car. If his car is in a higher Lv., player will has more chance to use the tickets. The numbers of tickets available in relevant level are as follows:

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