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Anyone can obtain another shining new car by accomplishing every 5 achievements in the Cross-country Race.

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Once we have those 5 achievements, where can we find the new car? (can't find it! )

Edit: Here it says 5 cc achievements, i have 4 cc achievements + 1 tournament achievement so in total i have 5.

I received the mail anyway: "Congratulations! You gained 5 achievements and have a new vehicle Honda X5,please enter vehicle-achievement system-change appearance。"

But the car body is not in the "Reshape" list.

Do I miss something or is it a bug ?



The new car body is some where different     go to yor car tab and the click on the acievment button right above your car (it will have a number on it  probably 1 or 2 will be the number ) that will pull up your achiement tab the go to the last tab there call[img][/img]ed shapes     u will find your new car there


If you look at the second screen shot. The tab that says shapes is where you will find it.


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