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Click “Emp” in the main interface, and then click an employee to view relevant info.

1. Employees are also extremely important to store bonus in the RS, the better employee, the higher income;

2. Employees can also be assigned to the Command Room to add attributes to your car;

3. Employees with high talent and rich experience are more likely to be recruited through Special Recruitment that requires Golden Contracts;

4. The employee experience can be enhanced through common and advanced further training, the richer exp., the higher store income bonus;

5. Assign talented employees to the command room can enhance your car attributes, but do remember talented employees may only be obtained through recruitment.

6. Your employees would reduce their loyalty if being trapped, but still, you can improve it through commendation.

7. What’s more, You are also likely to obtain Orange Employee Card and Red Employee Card by winning in the Cross-country Race.

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how can i change my clothes and how can i get a job


hi Jonae:
there is no clothes for employees in richsate ,at this point ,it is different from another lekool simulation game BTO.After you built your stores and recruited some employees you can assign your employees to work in  your stores .
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How do I get a Talent from No to something else? Or is that not possible?


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Type of Employees

Advanced :  Blue exp ( Rich )  , Green talent (junior)

Outstading : purple exp(succesful), blue talent(intermediate)

BEST : Red exp(Preeminent) , Purple talent (Expert)

Elite :
Orange exp (Omnipotent), Purple talent (Expert)

Top: Pink exp(All-Round) , Red talent (Master)

Ultimate : Superb exp , Guru talent



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  Generally  Talent is not upgradable , it's fixed .
  Only Guru talent can be upgraded to superman talent only by using an "Enlightment card" .


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