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Updated solutions for guild president absence

Players, we are pleased to announce that after receiving large amounts of feedback and suggestions we have updated the solution for guilds with a long presidential absence. Below is the updated information:

1. Members of a guild with a guild president who has been absent (not logged in) for 20 or more days may send a guild president change request to BTO customer service.

2. The guild must be a Level 5 guild or higher and 60% of the guild seats must be occupied.
3. Members who wish to take over as president of their guild must also send a separate request to BTO customer service stating so.

4. The candidates must be either vice-president or the person who has donated the most bricks to the guild. If there are two or more members fit the second requirement, the person who has donated the most TCN will be the candidate. Priority is given to the vice president.

5. Candidates must then get approved by more than 50% of the guilds active members (this refers to those who have logged in continuously for three days from when the request is sent). These active members must then send a letter to BTO customer service indicating who they approve for the new president of the guild.

6. Once the new president is approved, the previous president will lose their title and privileges in the guild even if they log in at a later time.

We hope this solution helps with the problem of inactive presidents and aids in helping guilds further progress in BTO while at the same time rewarding members for being active and donating.

As always we sincerely appreciate your feedback both good and bad. The more we know, the more we can improve your BTO gaming experience. Thank you for your continued support, and here’s to gaming fun and business success!

Lekool Team
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Thanks Simeny for all your help
GM Cherie

Here to help you as best I can so tell me whats wrong and lets get it fixed together.
But you got to help me to help you as I cant work miracles


Hello Cherie or Simeny, I can't remember my guild password and would like to bid for a diff landmark if possible. It's the MoSi Guild on S1 Ambition, my name is Soren on that server. Thank you!


Reply 4# Sorendagger

   hello ,does it work now ?


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