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Cheri declared war on Dynan - I suggest rather not to

Cherie I know u cant loose much in this war...needer do me....BUT...our guilds have many peaceful active players wich are playing to develope for many months and they will be disapointed i think....this server developed in peaceful way so players expect peace i think....and doing that just because of impeachement in city hall!!!....its no diferend from comete - its game competition not agresive i sed-i dont care too much for war u declared but maybe we will all loose some players and from that point of view i care....If we loose alot ill stop playing too
If anyone have a point of view on this act pls reply here

See u soon m8s

Peace Cherie
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I am for peace, for war, game in Dovo



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Lol, hunny, what am i supposed to do, when i get an ingame mail from you, stating you will fight me in politics in the game, was i supposed to sit idle, let dynamite bully me out?

Ok yes i agree economic blockade was harsh, i did not realise it would hurt the smaller members so badly, and i truly and sincerly apologise for that to all of them.  

Impeachment, business suspension and economic blockade are in game tools, to be used, just as much as attire in arena, they are powers, I have never abused my power, and yes I admit I had a temper on me yesterday.

But shortly after doing that, I had a long chat with gloriant and we both agreed to a stop to war, it would hurt the smaller players, and we both dont want that.  Yes we want a fun game, but not at the expense of others.

So again, I truly apologise to the small members of Dynamite effected by the economic blockade
GM Cherie

Here to help you as best I can so tell me whats wrong and lets get it fixed together.
But you got to help me to help you as I cant work miracles


Im glad this is satled down....and ill do my best to gain some new players rather than looseing old ones Ill repay demage to all DAMOB players who I sucasefuly attacked...i overreacted to and i started to pull the strings befor thinking this throu - my apology ppl and call me for repaying ur demage

I respect U Cherie, and all DAMOB members and finaly all BTO players....i think we are 1 big happy family

See u soon online m8s


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