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System Improvements Ⅲ

Dear Players,

The maintenance has been completed. Please see below for some of the things you can expect from this recent update:

1. Fixed the bug that the Sky City cannot be signed up normally
2. Fixed the bug that the Sky City cannot show battle reports or shows incorrect reports
3. The AP consumption of the Yaso Peak is changed to 25
4. The recruitable system mercenaries is increased to 2

Sorry for any inconvenience and we appreciate your support! Have fun!

Lekool Team
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so when we be an emergency maintenance? as server is slow and there are lags... a lot, everything works like two times slower


sadly i cant believe im saying this but i aggree with milords server is slow


Yes this is true dear, already reported, will be checked today. Thanks


which server is slow ?did you guys try to refresh and clear cache ?how many ppl feel it show?
Of course lekool will check the server as well.


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