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Earn Much More Money by Investing Just a Little in Investment Center!

Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Sep. 24, 2012 PDT to Oct. 1, 2012 18:50 PDT.

Recently the Investment Center has been reopened to improve the financial service in Liberty City. The investment center provides various financial advices for every tycoon. Once you make a successful $20 payment, you gain an Investment Guide which can bring you an Investment Project. Then if you recharge money again according to the payment amount suggested by Investment Project, you will be rewarded extra Gold. Besides, your recharge amount will be accumulated and every $99 will be given 10 free Luxury Coupon.

Important Notice:

1. The Investment Center page will exist until the routine maintenance on Oct. 1, 2012 PDT.

2. Your recharge amount will not continue to accumulate after the routine maintenance on Oct. 1, 2012 PDT.

3. Investment Guide can no longer be used after Oct. 8, 2012 PDT.

Follow the steps “Character—Login Rewards—Investment Center”, then you can see the activity page.

Game Play IntroductionThere will be different rewards according to your accumulated recharge amount and single recharge amount. Rewards A: Investment Center Gift1. During activity, your recharge amount will be accumulated and every $99 will be given 10 free Luxury Coupon. There is no limit for the number of Luxury Coupons you can receive from the activity.    2. There will be a “Receive” button in Investment Center for you to take rewards any time before Oct. 8, 2012 18:50 PDT.Reward B: Investment Guide1. During the activity, players who make a successful payment of $20 or above are allowed to receive Investment Guide.2. Every $20 payment will be given an Investment Guide. For example, if you make a successful payment of $999, you will receive 49 Investment Guides.3. Each time when you use an Investment Guide, you can receive one Investment Project randomly. The Investment Project may be of any type of any rewarding level and it will be stored at “Character—Login Rewards—Investment Center” item slot.4. There are 6 Investment Projects: $99, $299, $499, $999, $1999, $4999; Each Investment Project is characterized by 3 rewarding levels: 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x;5. The Investment Project will become invalid in 24 hour, which begins from the time you receive the project.   6. If you recharge money again according to the payment amount suggested by the Investment Project, you can gain Gold and Extra Gold at the same time. Meanwhile, the Investment Project with both highest rewarding level and shortest valid time will vanish.7. The item Investment Project is presentable. 8. All the unused Investment Guide will vanish after the event is over.9. After the event is over, you can still use the Investment Project to gain extra Gold within its valid time.Investment Project Details

You need to know:1. An Investment Project with highest rewarding level will be firstly selected by system.2. An Investment Project with shortest valid time will be firstly selected by system.3. The Investment Project will disappear after you have received extra Gold.Let’s take a payment of $999 for example1) Suppose a player have three investment projects of $999 (1.2x), $999 (1.5x) and $999 (2x) respectively.(2) And there are two same Investment Projects. One of them has 20-hour valid time; the other has only one hour valid time. (3) At this time if a player recharges $999, system will deliver 10,000 extra Gold to the account of the player. Meanwhile, the Investment Project of $999 (2x) and one-hour valid time vanishes.

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