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Top-up and Packs Events

Duration: 2012-11-16 00:00 - 2012-11-23 23:59

Servers: all servers

Event details:

1.        Players who have never paid before, top up at least 225 gold to get
craft talisman*1      
(only once for each player).
2.        Players who have topped up at least 1000 gold to get:
Kakashi’s Notebook *10      
spirit stone bags*100         
Advanced pet purify stone*5     
Advanced sage panacea bankai*10         
3.        Players who have topped up at least 2500 gold to get:
Dark Golden Collection Jar  *100      
Advanced Inscription Talisman * 80
Lv.9 Enhancement Talisman*10           
Pet Skill Book Wishing Pot [卍] *2         
spirit stone bags*200               
4、the one who top up the most(more than 5000 gold)  get:
Scroll: Amaterasu*1

1.        The packs will be sent in 7 working days after event ends.
2.        All rewards are bound.
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rewards has been sent ~


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