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[Event] Double Exp week


From this maintenance to 0:00 Jan 30th


Do you already feel unchallenged by the current dungeons or are you eager to enhance further the strength of your army? Now let’s bring you something encouraging. Various powerful equipment and gems are going to be added in the next maintenance while a brand-new feature will also be introduced for level 90+ dungeons. Besides, our team has remade the Clash of Gods feature and will soon bring it to COG.

To cheer for the forthcoming revolutionary update, our team has set double exp period. The monsters in all in-game features generate double Exp from 19:00-19:30 every day.


Double Exp

Favor Share

it's good but not enough time


kool hope this clash works better love new adds


double exp for all dungeons or only 90+?


19 server time is to late for all europeans ppl like me
It will be nice if devs do the same  like wb if not many ppl can't participate


I can't think to wake up in the middle of the night to get some double exp
Maybe doing 20 mins in 3 different moments would be balanced for everybody...

TOP; and for 30 minutes????
looks like european players dont mean nothing on cog


at me is 5 am  and ur right regarding the european players


LOL!!!! You want promote I play this game giving me double exp from 4am to 4:30am? ... I can't stop laughing ... a half an hour a day? Wait... I can't breath!! ROFL!!!

Seriously you are making game boring for lot of people giving this advantages to player who live near the server timezone. Why you don't do that: put World Boss at 4am and 1pm for me and lot of the others player who post complaining here would be perfect to 2 world bosses in a decent time (1pm & 10pm here), not as now that be only can do just one when others can do twice just because are near server timezone ...

Why you simply don't make a poll and ask people what server time wants? Why you don't change each server with the timezone that is near of the most players of that server, for sample GMT or GMT+1 instead PST ... could be you will be surprise of how many players from GMT (+/-1 or +/-2) zone you have instead PST zone ... I encourage you to do this poll to really you know where your players are from to make game interesting and you could promote it with interesting events according your players.

More seriously: Please, do something to know what people you have playing in what server.

Server 5


nice event bad time


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