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hi everyone....i just want to now how do i get bricks... help please
thanks ;)
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You will get bricks through candies and eggs. Fighting in arena, horse racing, daily routines and MIB also get them if your lucky enough.


You can buy them with Gold...


We are kindly to tell you that there are some ways to get bricks listed as below:
1. Buy bricks in "Shop", which is 9 gold/brick.
2. Negotiating with MIB have chance to get bricks.
3. Some bricks can be got from a gift from other players.
4. Many activities give out bricks as reward such as the newly events in game.
5. Some recharge packages contain bricks.
Some activities in forum or official website can get the bricks, please pay close attention to the latest news.
If you have any more problems in game, please contact us. Many thanks!


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